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Wheel balancing machine - Floral color wheel

Wheel Balancing Machine

wheel balancing machine

  • change directions as if revolving on a pivot; "They wheeled their horses around and left"

  • steering wheel: a handwheel that is used for steering

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and forms part of a machine

  • Used in reference to the cycle of a specified condition or set of events

  • a simple machine consisting of a circular frame with spokes (or a solid disc) that can rotate on a shaft or axle (as in vehicles or other machines)

  • A circular object that revolves on an axle and is fixed below a vehicle or other object to enable it to move easily over the ground

wheel balancing machine - Ammco /

Ammco / Coats (AMM85001175) Model 1175 Coats Medium Duty Wheel Balancer

Ammco / Coats (AMM85001175) Model 1175 Coats Medium Duty Wheel Balancer

Color LED Matrix Information Box: get balancing information at a glance from the information box
10 balancing modes: multiple static, dynamic, and alloy modes
Automatic Distance and Diameter Data Entry: automatic offset and diameter measurements make each balance quick and precise
Direct Tape-A-Weight Placement: audible beeps indicate exact placement of Tape-A-Weights and take the guesswork out of those tricky behind-the-spoke balances
Auto start hood: balancing cycle begins when you lower the hood
The perfect medium-duty back-up machine, or your one and only. Whether you want to begin offering wheel balancing to stay more competitive or just need a back-up machine for the full-featured balancer you already have, our Coats® 1175 is a great choice. Designed for operator ease and speed, it offers years of rugged durability and dependability, and performs like a high-end balancer all for a value price. Other features include: self calibration accuracy within 1/100 of an ounce; expanded storage: 16 pocket weight tray provides easily reachable, abundant storage; 40mm shaft uses all standard Coats accessories; Tape-A-Weight and Hidden Weight Capability keeps weights out of sight; space saving design; maximum tire diameter: 34"; rim width: 2" to 20"; rim diameter: up to 30"; maximum tire weight: 150 lbs.; balancing speed: 100 RPM; motor: 220V, 1 phase. Shipping weight: 264 lbs.

81% (11)



T450 Metal Plate Off-Set Press is our upgraded product on the basis of local and oversea congeneric products which incorporates the machinephotoelectricity and pneumatic. With advantage of novel structure and advanced technology. The press can be combined discretionarily to achieve single colordouble color and even multi-color printing also can be directly connected to coating and varnishing machine. T450 mental plate offset press is the preferred machine for iron prinitng enterprise.
T450 Metal Plate Off-Set Press adopts combined control of centralized control and individual per color printing segment to realize humanistic operation. Interaction between computer program control and man-machine interphase to ruduce the working intensity. Such as, the synchronization between feeder and main machine, the operator just need to push forward or backward button to realize this processing which can be done during printing.

Main Specification:
Max.size of metal plate 1145?960mm
Min.size of metal plate 710?510mm
Thickness of metal plate 0.15-0.4mm
Max. space of printing1135?945mm
Size of printing plate 1160?1030?0.3mm
Size of rubber plate 1175?1130?1.9mm
Blank side width 6mm
Max. speed6000s/h
Max.printing speed 5000s/h (metal sheet size:1016?914?0.2mm)
Max. material feeding 2.5ton
Power of main motor 15KW/printing unit
Capacity of air pump 140CBM/H
L?W?H 13000?3200?2280mmDouble-color
Structure& performance:

1Modularization Design
Seperated feeding machine can be connected to metal plate off-set press as well as coating and varnish machine. Each printing unit has its own individual driving system which can be operated solely or collectively.
It can be combined to single color, double color and multi-color freely because of their character of self-existing.
2None-shaft Transmission
Double color metal plate off-set press adopts none shaft transmission, each printing unit drived by the motor (15kw), the power of feeder is supplied through shaft by the first-color printing unit. All printing units controled synchronously via electronic cam controller. Therefore, each printing unit can be operated separately before working. Also multi-person operation is available so the reduce the assistant producing time greatly and increase working efficiency. Once the machine begin to work, electronic cam controller and computer response rapidly. All printing units reach synchronization soon and begin to print.
3Pneumatic Clutch Technology
Pressing cylinder, blanket cylinder, ink form roller, water form roller, ink transmission roller, water transmission roller , double sheet contol device, discharge device, smear-romving device etc all are all operated by pneumatic clutches featuring compact structure and easy operation.
4Water Fountain and Ink Duct Roller
Water fountain and ink duct rollers are controlled seperately by two separated motors. The speed of these two motors and printing is synchronized track proportionally via computer programm. The button of proportion assembled on the operation stage, the rate of ink-supply and water-supply can be adjusted through this button under different printing speed and printing requirement which ensure the high quality of printing performance. Ink ducy roller has a sole operation button to contol the ink amount and roller clearance.
5Three Main Cylinders
Three main cylinders are supported by imported high precision pre-tightened bearings which prevents the axial beating.the surface of cylinders adopt special high rigidity treated stainless steel material. Balance testing has been done on the cylinders. At the same time, the narrow gap and equal material distributig let them operate smoothly with the lowest impact. The printing cylinder adopts quick plate gripping device and plate point-fixing mechanism. Printing through the bearers running model has been dsigned for printing cylinder and blanket cylinder. Pressing cylinder adopts high point gripping. Front lay adjustment adopts eccentric mechanism. All of these ensure good quality of printing.
6Ethanol Damping Unit
Ethanol damping unit is composed of water fountain roller water transmission rollerwater bunch roller and water form roller. water fountain and water buch rollers are steel rollers, water transmission roller and water form roller are imported PU rollers. The gap and pressure between the rollers is adjusted via worm and eccentric sleeve, There are handles at the side of operation & start-up. There is some speed difference between the rollers, which let the thin water film form on the surface of rollers, so the balance between water and ink can be realized with small amount of water. The printing with advantage of full and fresh ink layer, vivid netting spotclear level and easy drying.
7Pushing Mechanism
There are 6 cloth adhesive tape on the pushing position to prevent the printing sheet beening bruised. The position-fix pushing head is eccentric, the parallel degree of

Magnificent machines

Magnificent machines

A distinct form of traction engine, characterised by the provision of a large diameter winding drum driven by separate gearing from the steam engine. Onto the drum a long length of wire rope was wound, which was used to haul an implement, such as a plough, across a field.

The winding drum was either mounted horizontally (below the boiler), vertically (to one side), or even concentrically, so that it encircled the boiler. The majority were under-slung (horizontal), however, and necessitated the use of an extra-long boiler to allow enough space for the drum to fit between the front and back wheels. These designs were the largest and longest traction engines to be built.

Mostly the ploughing engines worked in pairs, one on each side of the field, with the rope from each machine fastened to the implement to be hauled. The two drivers communicated by signals using the engine whistles.

A variety of implements were constructed for use with ploughing engines. The most common were the balance plough and the cultivator - ploughing and cultivating being the most physically demanding jobs to do on an arable farm. Other implements could include a mole drainer, used to create an underground drainage channel or pipe, or a dredger bucket for dredging rivers or moats.

The engines were frequently provided with a 'spud tray' on the front axle, to store the 'spuds' which would be fitted to the wheels when travelling across claggy ground.

wheel balancing machine

wheel balancing machine

DELTA GR450 ShopMaster 8-Inch Grinder

The DELTA GR450 ShopMaster Eight inch Grinder is a variable-speed grinder with a patent-pending quick change/tool-less wheel changing system. The powerful five Amp, 60 Hz single phase motor features variable speed capabilities of between 1,725 and 3,450 RPM. This versatile grinder not only takes care of the toughest grinding jobs, but it also handles buffing and sharpening duties with ease. Its cast-iron construction ensures minimal vibration while operating, and the built-in eye shields and spark deflectors ensure safe operation each and every time. DELTA also includes a gooseneck lamp to help get a clear view of the workpiece and grinding wheels.

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