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Asleep At The Wheel House Of Blue Lights

asleep at the wheel house of blue lights

    wheel house
  • A part of a boat or ship serving as a shelter for the person at the wheel

  • (Scots): Late Iron Age stone dwelling, round with partition walls like wheel spokes.

  • The bounce height a player loves to strike the ball above the ground. Good players find the ball at this height when they play to get the most out of their shots.

  • (Wheel housing) The inner area behind the fender described by the inner and outer fender panels; the term is occasionally used for the inner fender panel

    blue lights
  • (Blue-light) Blue Light was a unit of the 5th Special Forces Group that existed into the early 1980s.

  • (Blue Light (horse)) Blue Light (foaled 1958 in Ontario) was a Canadian Thoroughbred racehorse who showed little promise as a two-year-old in 1960 but who won the 1961 Queen's Plate, Canada's most prestigious race and North America's oldest annually run stakes race.

  • (Blue Light (novel)) Blue Light is a science fiction novel by writer Walter Mosley.

    at the
  • TKE (Terminology and Knowledge Engineering) Conference in Dublin, my esteemed colleagues, Hanne Erdman Thomsen, Sue Ellen Wright, Gerhard Budin and Loic Depecker will devote a workshop to ‘Accommodating User Needs for ISO 704: Towards a New Revision of the Core International Standard on

  • Cafe-Concert: The Song of the Dog, 1875-1877

  • In or into a state of sleep

  • (of a limb) Having no feeling; numb

  • into a sleeping state; "he fell asleep"

  • asleep(p): lacking sensation; "my foot is asleep"; "numb with cold"

  • Not attentive or alert; inactive

  • in the sleep of death

asleep at the wheel house of blue lights - Across America

Across America In The Only House On Wheels;

Across America In The Only House On Wheels;

This is a reproduction of a book published before 1923. This book may have occasional imperfections such as missing or blurred pages, poor pictures, errant marks, etc. that were either part of the original artifact, or were introduced by the scanning process. We believe this work is culturally important, and despite the imperfections, have elected to bring it back into print as part of our continuing commitment to the preservation of printed works worldwide. We appreciate your understanding of the imperfections in the preservation process, and hope you enjoy this valuable book.

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stepping in æther

stepping in æther

BEAMS 21,22,23, The Song of Orpheus




into the World,


the chosen

Rose out of Chaos:


Thunder amid held daffodil,
the hills of yellow celandine in sudden sun
‘when the light walk’.

When the light walks, clockwise, counterclockwise,
atoms memorize the firefly's wing
silhouette 20 foot elm leaf
(worm’s-eye view through three crisscross timothy stalks).
A blue hinged green at edge, the twilight
sinks as if half swimmer
— ankles in wrinkle through wood turtle
swallowing scarlet strawberry,
waist deep the warp then roof of star split clover, one pale
eye spool rayed Orion
thistle silk through soil particle —
to Euridice. Head deep
in neither
aether, nether:

“You will find, to the left of The House of Hades, a spring . . .

one white leafed cypress at its side”.

“sometimes the prophet sees the image of Glory
in the midst of cloud;
but the angel-messenger is invisible
because the angelic fire is too pure for one to see.
When one sees the fire flaming
up from the distance
one is only seeing the smoke that
surrounds it.
Moreover the angel asks:
What do you see?”

“I have seen the Eternal
not ocular, vision”



the man that walk in the way of day and night
like a tree of water, leaf
chaff which the wind
stand in
imagine the earth set against sun,
uttermost parts like a potter’s O: trembling sands round about
Arise, and ray.
Stand in
your own heart,
and be still.
the light upon us
in time to the voice of ice:
no throat out in the multitude of ions belled But shout
for joy.
save me for
the grave who
all the night make I my bed to swim
lion, compass
to an end but arrows sing
Out of the mouth of
moon and the stars,
What is man, that made him angels, beasts
to a perpetual end: the gates in the gates of net hid
snared in the turn into sight.
:let them be
moved in the secret ear to hear:
bird to mountain eyelid cup.
They speak tongue tried in a furnace of earth,
on every side,
I sleep the sleep of
all, not
The lines are fallen to me
in the night seasons.
as the apple of the eye under the shadow of wings,
lion in secret likeness.
shot out lightnings of many waters.
my steps under me,
rose dust before the wind
rock above those that rise up
edge to the world.
sun circuit it: eye in honeycomb heart, hand. name for
ever ever moved
in time the fire shall seed imagined form.
worm shake the womb: I am poured out like water
into the dust of death.
closed unicorn
the ends of the world shall turn
green shadow run.
earth flood into the head
gates; doors; gates; doors; all day enlarged:
an even lace in light and flesh,
the voice of
upon many waters,
The voice of flame shake wild voice from the grave:
down to the remembranch of morning. moved mountain to stand
in my blood, dust dancing:
and ear rock rock out of the spirit hand
out of my mind:
I have heard
My times
lips put to silence; a pavilion of tongues.
cut off from eyes: bones roaring all the day long summer.
in a time when place compass song
I harp an earth full of breath: the sea stood fast.
their works
magnify the exalt together.
matter open wide
clouds like great mountains the fountain of
light shall we see light.
grass-sword heart, time: not again the
seed tree my flesh
before love,
not continually
beauty to consume like a moth: but of the clay,
ears opened from great congregation.
whisper lift
from everlasting to everlasting
meat in praise,
within me: deep call to
deep harp
out arm, and the light
scattered with the forgotten
matter: writer.
though the earth be removed,
There is
a river, not moved:
were moved: in the fire.
with the sound of a trumpet wind ends of the round
ear to a parable:
I will open my dark
upon the harp
of compass
inward like the beasts shined before me.
I fold a thousand hills.
I would blood the most High:
frame silence as
set in order.
the inward parts: and in the hidden snow walls
the land of a green child is
gone back:
the altogether become one
the trembling over, a dove at rest
in tempest
:Day and night the midst of it.
thereof: magnify hid changes, words sword the swallow
from falling, light
the shadow lion set on fire, arrow an earth.
I will sing and
Awake my salt to the clouds.
speak to the voice of the great snail sun whirlwind blood
from the run return and go round scatter
the ends of the earth
return up and down.
I will sing
aloud in the morning: to tremble the breaches
of astonishment.
I shall be moved as a bowing wall
in the balance,
every man to his marrow
bend in secret at the perfect fall all flesh come.
waves, and the tumult in uttermost token:
morning and evening
river the year on every side
a joyful noise
through the flood on foot:
moved as silver net over our heads went fire-shine smoke, Sing
shook snow from the fountain of clouds.
I sink
stranger to prayer
out of the deep waters.
flow me, face to my soul, in my thirst
let it become
love turned backward love ma



i didn't even see the truck coming. of course i didn't. if i had, what would i've done? i think i might've tried to back up because there certainly wasn't any room to pull forward. when they tell you not to block the intersection, do not block the intersection. i suppose you could say i had it coming. but i didn't imagine what happened when i thought i could make the yellow light at the intersection and then traffic stopped, my car two thirds blocking the way when the raised ford ran through at full speed and smashed right into the passenger side of my car.

it never really sounds the way it does in movies, have you ever noticed? car accidents, i mean. in television and movies, a car crash nearly sounds melodic. a very well-produced and designed sound effect. in real life, a car crash sounds like what it is: about four tons of metal and plastic and glass and skin smashing into each other, making hollow imploding noises. the fiberglass crunches from the force and turns into splinters. metal tears like an autumn leaf. safety glass webs with thousands of cracks; regular glass shatters. moving parts lock into place as they're molded into configurations they weren't mean to by the impact. palstic and metal tanks of fluids and oils burst like bladders. there is always smoke after. immediately after, and dust.

i'm not sure what the person driving the truck was thinking. i mean, you can't miss any car when it's in the intersection. did he want to be first to get to the other side of the street? did he just miscalculate getting around my car? was he just plain psychotic and figured he'd plow through anyway? i'm always curious. it's very possible he didn't even notice my car. i suppose, it's possible. unlikely, but possible.

i'm not certain if the car became airborne, but i certainly have the memory it did. it couldn't have. i'd remember gravity pulling me in every direction.

when i finally managed to crawl out of the car, people were running my way, ready to offer help. others were on their phone, calling for help. everything smelled like burning rubber. i was aware of the irony. something was burning in the wreck. but i was calm. at first, i was really calm. my brain was working extra fast and the adrenaline kept me from probably collapsing on the asphalt. the truck had its front comepletely smashed. but my car looked like it had been picked up by a pair of massive hands and twisted into a bow tie and dropped on the street. the driver of the truck was slumped over on the wheel and i could see blood in his blond hair from where i was standing. a trickle of red transmission fluid was inching toward me. people were asking me if i was okay, did i need to call someone, that they saw the truck make no move to avoid hitting me. people were at the driver side door of the truck, arguing about whether or not to move the driver from his seat. someone says something about him not wearing his seatbelt. a woman comes from behind me and takes my arm and says i need to get out of the sun, maybe sit at the curb.

later, at the hospital, after the police report and lots of calls to let my folks know what happened that made me miss the party for now and assuring them i'm fine, i'm waiting for my cab. this is all my father needed on his birthday. something always seems to happen at times like this. i'm not a fatalistic person, but whenever something important is planned, i get into a car wreck, wake up in jail, are hundreds of dollars overdrawn, get dumped. something, you know. isn't it that something? no lie, stuff like this always happens. wrong place and wrong time? i'm not sure about that, but after all these years, i got used to it. not that i'm expecting the worse every time, nothing like that at all. but when something does happen, after the initial shock, it's like whenever you you realize, well, it's morning again.

after the party, i'm sleeping on my parents' couch. everyone's been long gone and i can't sleep. my brother offered to rent a room for me at the hotel where he and his boyfriend are staying. so strange, even with family, how when one person knows i'm broke, everyone knows. my aunt who i haven't seen in two years knew. she asked if i had found a job yet. yeah, she knew that too. house smells like there were just over two dozen people sitting on this couch, in this room, exhaling and coughing. way the weekend is turning out, i might wake up with some sort of illness.

but why do these things happen? i always ask myself that. never really giving it more than a passing thought. after thrity years of it, now, i'm thinking i'm like a lightning rod for micro-disasters. i mean, how come these situations always find me? why me? not in a woe-is-me kind of way, i'm just really curious. i wonder how it was decided this is what needs to happen. because, well, why?

the drive back to los angeles two days later is uneventul. my brother asleep in the front passenger sea

asleep at the wheel house of blue lights

asleep at the wheel house of blue lights

What If My House Had Wheels?

If my house had wheels...Just imagine where you could go if your house had wheels. From forests to creeks, to the park down the street, if your house only had wheels the possibilities would be endless! One journey after another would be at the end of each road, waiting for you to drive by. So, what would you do if your house had wheels? This book is an eLIVE book, meaning each book contains a code to redeem a free audio book download from the Tate Publishing website!

If my house had wheels...Just imagine where you could go if your house had wheels. From forests to creeks, to the park down the street, if your house only had wheels the possibilities would be endless! One journey after another would be at the end of each road, waiting for you to drive by. So, what would you do if your house had wheels? This book is an eLIVE book, meaning each book contains a code to redeem a free audio book download from the Tate Publishing website!

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