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Cree medicine wheel : Chrome auto wheels.

Cree Medicine Wheel

cree medicine wheel

    medicine wheel
  • A stone circle built by North American Indians, believed to have religious, astronomical, territorial, or calendrical significance

  • A large circular pattern made on the ground through the placement of stones. The patterns could include other rings, spokes and cairns. The Blackfoot indians used these kinds of structures as part of a death lodge to inter famous and powerful warriors.

  • Since 50 states werenit enough, yuppie New Agers stole this ritual so they could use it to fix flat tires on their mountain bikes and Jeeps.

  • Medicine wheels, or sacred hoops, were constructed by laying stones in a particular pattern on the ground. Most medicine wheels follow the basic pattern of having a center of stone(s), and surrounding that is an outer ring of stones with "spokes", or lines of rocks radiating from the center.

  • A member of a American Indian people living in a vast area of central Canada

  • a member of an Algonquian people living in central Canada

  • the Algonquian language spoken by the Cree

  • The Cree are one of the largest groups of First Nations/Native Americans in North America, with 200,000 members living in Canada.

  • The Algonquian language of this people, closely related to Montagnais

cree medicine wheel - 300 lumen

300 lumen 5Watt 18650 3 Mode CREE LED Flashlight with Carry Holster

300 lumen 5Watt 18650 3 Mode CREE LED Flashlight with Carry Holster

5W Output bright to 300 lumens.
Internal wiring applies the high efficient booster circuit, working voltage is wide and can utilize the batteries in the largest extent.
Water-resistant design.
Aluminum alloy casing.
Aluminum alloy reflector.
3 switch Mode: Strong Brightness / Normal Brightness / Flashing.
Model of Battery required: 1 x 18650 3.7v.
Color : Black.
External Dimension : 140mm x 40mm x 24mm.
Weight : 165g or 3.9 ounces.
Nylon Holster with metal clasps and belt loop for secure transport.

81% (12)

Medicine Wheel Passage

Medicine Wheel Passage

View from the Medicine Wheel Passage, high in the Bighorn Mountains of Wyoming. Altitude 9000 feet. Panoramic image created from 20 exposures.

Medicine Wheel weeded and trimmed edge 001

Medicine Wheel weeded and trimmed edge 001

All the green in wheelbarrow and brush pile from the poor Medicine Wheel. I did good;*) My brush pile to block out neighbors.

cree medicine wheel

cree medicine wheel

CREE Q5 LED Flashlight Torch w/ Holster Super Bright!

CREE Q5 LED Super Bright Flashlight w/ Holster 3 modes 240lum The flashlight is made with metal and magnesium alloy material. Thickness, hardness and texture are considered excellent. The 240 lumen CREE LED Q5 head has high brightness, high beam stability and light color close to natural light, which will help to identify the true color of an object. Blinking function can be served as a warning. Uses 3 AAA batteries; it is best to use alkaline batteries that makes power more robust and last longer. Ideal for mountain climbing, biking, camping, hiking and other outdoor sports; usually at home can also be used for reading, repairing, responding power failures and so on. It is a multi-purpose must have tool. Overall end-to-end length: 103mm (~4 inches) when zoom in 114mm (~4.5 inches) when zoom out Anti-pressure Anit-vibration Aluminum alloy casing Aluminum alloy reflector Battery requirement: 3x AAA (not include) Color all black A Great Gift to Your Family and Friends!

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